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“It's [Metamoprphoses 2 Festival] an ambitious undertaking that's something of a mixed bag. Opener 'The Tapestry' by Emma Rogerson is perhaps the most successful. Here, Ovid's tale of Philomela is smartly placed into the context of the #MeToo movement. The use of dance for Philomela's rape by Terrance shows artful subtlety”

- The Grizzle Review

“In The Tapestry by Emma Rogerson, the story Philomena and Procne is brought bang up to date. [...] Following on from last year’s #MeToo movement, this play highlights what ‘should’ have been learnt at the time: the tell-tale signs of men’s behaviour, the reticence of women to talk about- and spend time with- questionable men, and the use of ‘gaslighting’ to control the reporting and ‘veracity’ of allegations.”

- Michael Davis, Breaking the Fourth Wall.


"Powerful, thought-provoking & multi-layered modern reinterpretation of the Philomela's story from Ovid's Metamorphoses"

- Off The Cliff Theatre Company


“When reading ‘Freckles and Cuts’ the judges were particularly impressed by its depth and theatrical ambition. Your writing has a poetic quality and the play embraces the possibilities of storytelling [...]  a commitment to the medium that really made your work stand out. [...] It’s a highly creative piece of work”

“You handle the challenging content with impressive delicacy. Many plays tackle the theme of mental health, but the judges felt that ‘Freckles and Cuts’ provides a particularly deep insight. You’ve clearly researched and fully understood this highly relevant subject, and write with striking authenticity.”

- Walter Swan Committee 2015

“Freckles and Cuts is a deeply moving story and Rogerson is clearly a talented writer”

- Aisling McQuire, The Wee Review.


“We Were There” is an inspiring play [...] I hope that this is produced again. If you get the chance to see it, make sure you take some tissues as I guarantee it will pull at your heart strings." - Claire Faulkner, The Nantwich News. 

(Read the full review --> 

https://thenantwichnews.co.uk/2014/01/06/review-tommy-theatre-groups-we-were-there-at-nantwich-players/ )

“An emotional and poignant piece of work” - Carol Smith, Hospice Liaiser on We Were There.

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